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    Icon Global Services provides Toll Free Numbers in over 100+ countries around the world at competitive prices.

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    Icon Global Services provides Bulk-SMS at competitive prices.

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Pricing as low as $0.006/minute. Pay as you go. Cancel anytime.

Wholesale VoIP Termination

Icon Global Services offer wholesale VoIP termination to any network worldwide. We offer over 1000+ unique routes and can customize them to fit your price and quality requirements. We provide our clients with a secured web interface so that clients can view their usage, balance information and customized reports.

  • call center Call Center & BPO

    Our many years of experience in working with Call Center and BPO customers has given us a thorough understanding of your challenges. We have a portfolio of solutions specifically developed to simplify telecom in your industry. More Info »

  • voip VoIP Reseller Solutions

    Icon Global Services offer feature-rich VoIP reseller services to clients who would like to become mainstream VoIP providers without making huge investments in Backbone Operations, Infrastructure and Research & Development. More Info »

  • icon Toll Free Services

    We offer Toll Free Numbers to help companies generate more business and project a bigger and reliable image. Pick your own number, have it activated within minutes, and manage your call forwarding and other features online. More Info »

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No Contract or Credit Checks required. Advanced Online Reporting Tools. A fanatical Customer-Centric support team. Redundant, Geographically diverse, facilities-based network monitored 24X7. Call Mobile and Landlines around the world at super savings.

Bulk Sms Services

Icon Global Services offer Bulk Sms to any network worldwide.We provide our clients with a secured web interface so that clients can view their usage, balance information and customized reports.

  • icon Bulk Sms Services

    Bulk SMS Service precisely refers to the sending of a large number of messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients. Today bulk SMS messages are included in the application-to-person SMS [ A2P SMS ] messaging services alongside the sending of single message More Info »

Icon Global Services specializes in international call forwarding. We do this better than anyone else by providing you with a reliable service that makes you accessible to your customers around the globe. Your call forwarding settings can be changed by you instantly depending on your needs. You can forward incoming calls to your existing call center or office anywhere in the world. Your new phone number can ring to several locations in different countries. For example, your new phone number can be forwarded to your reservation center in England and your customer service center in France. Let's say you add a new office in Belgium and want to forward calls there; you can. Your calls can be forwarded wherever they need to go.

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Icon Global’s DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing, also known as DDI/Direct Dial-In in Europe) are the perfect solution for service providers looking to bridge the gap between Internet telephony products and the traditional telephone networks. Our service provides each DID number at low monthly costs with no per minute charges and flexible channel and routing options. Our VoIP media gateways convert incoming PSTN calls to VoIP and transport them to anywhere in the world.

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Icon Global Services offers sophisticated call forwarding capabilities that route calls to exactly where you want them anywhere in the world.

Icon Global Services specializes in providing international Toll-Free and local phone numbers in more than 100 countries. Our phone numbers come with international Call Forwarding and smart features such as a hosted PBX with unlimited extensions, VoiceMail2MyEmail, Time/Day Call Routing, Sequential Ringing and Simultaneous Ringing.
When was the last time you called overseas to reach a business? The simple truth is most people don't know how to call internationally, and even if they do, they wouldn't go through the hassle. Having a locally-recognized number makes international customers more likely to call your business. Your new phone number instantly broadens your market, increasing revenue potential and improving customer satisfaction.
You can cancel anytime with in the monthly billing after the monthly rentals have been paid and all outstanding cleared.
Ask a question here, or refer to our Contact page for international phone numbers and email addresses.